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Drain Repairs

Our team of experts are here to make any drainage repairs. We use the latest technology to help us undertake drainpipe repairs to get your drainage system flowing correctly again.

At RDG we understand that many issues can occur with your drains. This is why we’re on hand to support with any issues including collapsed drain repairs.

We understand this can be a stressful time but rest assured, we pride always on returning the site to a satisfactory state before we leave after successfully repairing the drainage issues.

We have a large fleet of excavators to be able to work on any site. For the tricky jobs, we are able to provide trenchless repair in the form of pipe patching and lining. This enables us to repair the pipes without effecting the surface and saves you money. 

How Does Drain Excavation Work?

In order to guarantee that the excavation itself goes as smoothly as possible, our team will thoroughly carry out the required initial work. The excavation, storing of the excavated material, health and safety considerations, and site restoration are a few of the steps in the process.

Site Assessment

To find the source of the issue, we conduct CCTV surveys. Based on what we find, we'll inspect the excavation site. Prevent digging in the wrong spot is essential since there can be barriers that must be avoided. Drainage pipes are found next to other utility lines, including those for water, gas, and electricity. So, careful planning is required to ensure that none of these lines are harmed during the drain excavation.


Mini excavators or manual labour can both be used for excavation. Although using equipment might speed up the process, hand digging is typically the safest and least disruptive option. To prevent further damage, it's especially beneficial when there are other pipelines nearby. When our professionals have located the damaged pipe, they can easily repair the damage or replace the specific section of pipe.

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