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The Hydroclear range of Sewage Treatment Plants have been treating and discharging sewage waste from thousands of homes, farms and businesses for over 20 years. New modern designs have meant the range has an unparalleled reputation for easy installation and consistent results year in, year out with minimal maintenance. HydroClear systems come equipped with an energy efficient, super quiet treatment reactor to clean sewage waste to an extremely high degree suitable for discharge to both watercourse and drainage fields. Encased in a tough robust MDPE body ensures the systems have a long life.

What sets the Hydroclear apart is the minimal aesthetic effect in the garden, with the system being designed for maximum concealment and the ability to move the above ground part of the system anywhere more suitable to your garden.

Key Features

How Does it Work?

Primary Settlement Zone – Wastewater from the property feeds directly into the primary chamber of the treatment plant. Solid matter settles at the bottom of this tank and begins to biodegrade as part of the aerobic process. Effluent from the primary settlement zone then flows into the reactor zone.

Reactor Zone – A bubble air diffuser is positioned at the bottom of the reactor zone which ensures that the media is always moving freely. As the effluent passes over the media, it is purified by micro-organisms growing on the surface. The circulation of the media and the liquids are made possible by a small air compressor and housing at ground level.

Final Settlement Zone – Finally, the treated effluent flows into the final settlement zone where very small levels of remaining solids settle to the bottom, after which the final effluent is suitable to discharge to a watercourse or drainage field.

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