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Our septic tank inspection help to diagnose and repair septic tank issues

Septic Tank Inspection & Compliance

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Septic Tank Inspections

Do you live in the Peterborough area and have a septic tank? We have a local team of drainage engineers who specialise in all aspects of septic tank installation, servicing, compliance and inspection.

We also undertake sewage treatment plant installation & servicing.

Replacing a septic tank can be expensive, so regular inspections and services are important to maintain your current infrastructure.

Our septic tank inspections in Peterborough include an in-depth look at the system to see if it meets the current 2020GBR. We use drain CCTV, dye testing and electric probe tracing to have a full look at the system.

You’ll receive a full report and recommendations. These reports are simple to understand, and we can help deliver any work required.

To maintain manufacturer warranty, septic tanks services must take place every 12-18 months. We offer both one-off servicing, as well as our five-year service contract which comes with a 20% discount.

We also offer septic tank repairs and carry a large stock of replacement parts on the shelf at our head office, so we can get your septic tank up and running as soon as possible.

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“The workmen turned up on time and knew what they were talking about. Very polite tradesmen that I would highly recommend. The work was completed ahead of schedule and everything was left tidy. The quote for the work was competitive but the quality of the work was outstanding"

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“Sam and his team were very thorough, and explained the process clearly, highlighted a few issues and how to cure them, arrived on site to do the work exactly as promised, set about the work calmly, explained every step, took their time to do a good job and waited until the patching was cured and completed. Above all, I was confident that they knew what they were doing- and did so with an impressive attitude all day. Highly recommended.”

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“The guys were helpful and professional from the beginning. Communicated well, we're always helpful and the price was also the best we found. Provided the surveys, suitable for our build over application with Severn Trent. They were very generous with their expertise and advice regarding our project too which we found invaluable. Went above and beyond the COD and very nice approachable guys too.”

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Ensuring your Septic Tank meets all the regulations to give you piece of mind

We can offer compliance inspections that satisfy both mortgage lenders and solicitors. With a complete understanding of the 2020 general binding rules, our engineers can confidently assess if your system meets the current legislation.

We provide you with a bitesize report with any necessary recommendations. We aim to have the report returned to you within 5 working days of your inspection.

Our team of engineers will then use the report findings to deliver the Septic Tank service.

Septic Tank Inspection, Peterborough
What You Need To Know...

Septic Tank compliancy inspections

  • Homeowners often become aware of septic tank issues only when unpleasant smells or frequent emptying become noticeable.
  • Early detection is crucial to prevent more significant problems and costly repairs (replacing a septic tank can exceed £10,000).
  • Regular inspections act as an “MOT” for your septic tank, ensuring its health.
  • A field engineer visits your property and thoroughly investigates the septic tank.
  • They provide a summary report, noting any issues and making recommendations.
  • To inspect all areas, coincide the health check with your annual tank emptying.
  • We offer tailored survey solutions for both buyers and sellers.
  • Use inspection reports to demonstrate proper maintenance when selling your home.
  • While there’s no requirement for regular inspections, consider them if you experience problems or when buying/selling property with a septic tank.
  • An emptied tank allows better observation of water returning into the tank (a sign of issues) and inspection of the tank structure itself.

If you’re wondering whether your septic tank meets the necessary regulations, consider the following factors:

1. Type of System
Identify whether you have a Septic Tank (single, twin, or three-chamber) or a Sewage Treatment Plant.
2. Distance from Habitable Dwelling
Measure the distance between your septic tank and any habitable dwelling on your property.

3. System Dimensions and Capacity
Understand the dimensions and capacity of your septic system.

4. Proximity to Watercourses
Check the distance between your septic tank and any nearby watercourses (such as rivers or streams).

5. Property Size and Connections
Consider the size of your property and how many properties are connected to the septic system.

6. Surface Water Connections
Look for evidence of surface water connections to your septic system.

7. Outfall Location
Determine whether the outfall leads to a watercourse, drainage field, or other location.

8. Ground Conditions
Assess the ground conditions (e.g., sand, clay, loam) to determine suitability for a drainage field.

9. Overall System Condition
Inspect the overall condition of your septic system (e.g., signs of rot or corrosion).

10. Access Covers
Check the condition of access covers for your septic tank.

11. Internals
Verify that internal components (such as tee pieces) are in place and functioning.

12. Distance from Hard Standing
Consider the distance from hard-standing areas for regular emptying.
If you’ve recently purchased a house with a non-compliant septic tank or are planning to sell a property with a septic tank, our septic tank compliance reporting service can provide peace of mind. Contact us to arrange a site visit or simply chat with us to address any questions you may have.

  1. Legal Penalties: Non-compliance with septic tank regulations can result in fines or legal action. Authorities may issue penalties if your system does not meet the required standards.
  2. Environmental Impact: A non-compliant septic tank can lead to pollution of nearby watercourses, affecting aquatic life and ecosystems. Harmful bacteria, nutrients, and other contaminants may leach into the environment.
  3. Health Risks: Improperly functioning septic systems can pose health risks to residents. Contaminated water can cause illnesses, especially if it reaches drinking water sources or recreational areas.
  4. Property Value: Non-compliance can negatively impact property value. Prospective buyers may be hesitant to purchase a property with an outdated or non-compliant septic system.
  5. Maintenance Costs: Non-compliant systems often require more frequent maintenance and repairs. Upgrading to a compliant system can be costly, but it’s essential for long-term savings.
  6. Failed Inspections: If you’re selling your property, a non-compliant septic system may fail inspection, delaying the sale process or requiring corrective measures.
  7. Inconvenience: System failures can lead to backups, foul odors, and inconvenience for homeowners. Regular maintenance and compliance ensure smoother operation.
Remember that addressing compliance issues promptly is crucial to avoid these consequences. If you suspect your septic tank is non-compliant, seek professional advice and take necessary steps to rectify the situation.