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Rutland Drainge Group is a fully accredited installer and inspector of septic tanks

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Every one of our employees is fully qualfiied in installing and inspecting septic tanks

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We use modern technology to safely and easily inspect issues with septic tanks

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Why does your septic tank need to be inspected?

Drains, sewers, and pipelines are frequently buried well below the surface and out of sight. This makes it challenging to identify the precise origin and type of drainage issues or anticipate impending problems

We can detect if the septic tank is running at the proper level and whether the system has previously failed or surcharged during a septic tank examination. We can also assess whether the septic tank is the appropriate size. If a bigger family starts utilising the system and hydraulically overloads it, a septic tank may frequently fail. So it's important to make sure the septic tank is sized for the property rather than the existing users.

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