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Septic Tank survey

Replacing a septic tank can be an expensive business, which is why regular septic tank inspections are important to maintain your current tank.

As well as the survey, our septic tank inspectors at Rutland Drainage Group can help you obtain a NIEA consent if you are currently in the process of selling your house.

Septic tanks, for example, are off-mains drainage systems that may be expensive to maintain or replace and are subject to a number of rules that limit the kinds of systems that can be utilised.

The Laws Around Septic Tanks

Your septic tank must be 2020 GBR or “General Binding Rules’ correct in order to pass an inspection

Your property will not be able to sell if your tank fails to meet the requirements


Not sure if yours complies? Our experts here at Rutland Drainage Group will be able to tell you if your tank complies with the rules or not

For further rules and regulations visit the website:

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